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A 1" thick layer of latex provides high pressure-relieving capacity, enabling your body to fully relax.
Latex construction provides ventilation and a pleasant sleeping climate.
Easy-care; removable, machine washable cover.
Roll-packed - easy to take home.

Available sizes: Full, King, Queen, Twin

Ticking: 68% cotton, 32% polyester
Filling: Polyester wadding, Wool wadding, 20% natural/ 80% synthetic latex
Stockinette: 100% polyester
Protective fabric: Non-woven polypropylene

Care: Mattress cover
Machine wash,hot 140°F (60°C).
Do not bleach.
Do not tumble dry.
Do not iron.
Do not dryclean.

Series: SULTAN

Room: Bedroom

Item type: Mattresses, Mattress pads

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Category: Bedroom, Mattress pads, Mattresses, SULTAN


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  1. Yirda says:

    I have this little table in my liivng room that is maybe a foot wide and in a hexagon shape. Well my daughter likes to play behind it because it’s rigged with a dimmer switch for a lamp in my liivng room. But the other night she decided she wanted to go threw the bars and underneath the table. I was surprised she made it and it was cute to see her look like she was in a jail lol Then she wanted out and well, lets just say the table didn’t want her to leave. Her hips and sholders were to wide for her to go out unless she was on her side like she came in. It was so bad because I couldn’t get her out myself. she kept fighting it. Of course my boyfriend was at work so I finally got a hold of my dad thank god because next on my list was the non-emergency police number lol So my dad rushed over and popped her out of there for me. I felt so bad my daughter was so worked up and sweaty, and crying. So I asked her Ariana, are you okay? And she said No! and then pointed to the coffee table ranting in baby babble. It was to funny.

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