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NUTID Microwave oven


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Microwave oven for installation in a high cabinet; gives a comfortable work height and clears work space on the countertop.
Auto cook function with 7 preset categories: canned vegetables, cereal, chicken, fresh vegetables, frozen vegetables, frozen meals and rice.
Auto reheat function with 6 preset categories: baked goods, beverage, casserole, pizza, soup and sauce.
Auto defrost function for 4 categories (bread, fish/seafood, meat and poultry): adjusts microwave emission to the quantity of food.
Door opens downwards to give an extra work surface.
VINNA handles match the handle on the microwave oven. Attach them to your kitchen fronts and create a uniform expression.

Good to know: The microwave can be installed together with NUTID 23 5/8" oven or NUTID 29 1/2" ovens. Use the trim kit included with the microwave, when installing with NUTID 29 1/2" oven only.
Output power microwave: 800 W.
Capacity: 1.4 cu.ft.
10 power levels.
Electronic timer.
Rotating turntable dia. 15 3/4".
With a simple touch you can add an extra 30 seconds to the program of your choice.
Lock function.

Series: NUTID

Room: Kitchen

Item type: Microwave ovens

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