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NUTID Forced air oven


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Convection oven function that combines top and bottom heating with the fan for even heating; ideal for baking cookies, tarts and other pastry.
Thermal oven function with top and bottom heating elements (bake/roast); ideal for cooking dishes with a crispy finish and for slow cooking of casseroles.
Oven with catalytic enamel plates; makes cleaning easy, since splashes of fat landing on the hot catalytic enamel plates burn up.
Defrost with fan; for fast and sanitary defrosting.
Can be installed in a 24" wide AKURUM base or high cabinet; a highly featured oven ideal for small kitchen solutions.
High and low broil function; the broil zone is adjustable according to need.
Easy-to-handle electronic timer with locking function keeps track of the whole cooking process and prevents change of current setting.
Forced air oven; enables you to cook with high precision for great cooking results.
Forced air oven; spreads preheated air evenly throughout the oven, allowing simultaneous cooking of different foods at different levels without the foods taking on taste from one another.
Includes special cooking functions for baking bread/pizza and keeping food warm after finished cooking time.
The keep warm function can be programmed to activate automatically at the end of the set cooking time.
Minute minder signals at the end of the set cooking time and automatically turns off the oven.
Food chart inside the door helps you choose function, temperature and time.
Inner glass on oven door is smooth and the door is removable for easy cleaning.

Good to know: Capacity: 3.1 cu.ft.
Thermal oven function.
Dual grill.
Warming function.
True convection oven.
Defrost with fan.
Pastry function.
Pizza function.
Continuous cleaning.
2 grids included.
1 broil pan set included.
1 meat thermometer included. Measures temperatures up to 266

Series: NUTID

Room: Kitchen

Item type: Ovens

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