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NUTID Convection oven


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Convection oven function that combines top and bottom heating with the fan for even heating; ideal for baking cookies, tarts and other pastry.
Oven with self-cleaning function; burns grease and dirt to ashes that are easy to brush off.
Broil function for even grilling of vegetables and small pieces of meat.
Pastry function with even heating; ideal for baking cookies, tarts and other pastries.
Easy-to-handle electronic timer with locking function keeps track of the whole cooking process and prevents change of current setting.
Minute minder signals at the end of the set cooking time and automatically turns off the oven.
Automatic lock on the oven door. The door stays closed during self-cleaning at a high temperature.
Inner glass on oven door is smooth and the door is removable for easy cleaning.
VINNA handles match the handle on the oven; mount the handles on your kitchen cabinet fronts and create a uniform expression.

Available colors: Stainless steel, white

Good to know: Capacity: 4.1 cu.ft.
Thermal oven function.
Custom broil; the grilling temperature can be adjusted according to need.
Pastry function.
Self cleaning.
Keep warm function.
2 grids included.
1 meat thermometer included. Measures temperatures up to 266

Series: NUTID

Room: Kitchen

Item type: Ovens

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  1. Joanne Cameron says:

    Like the oven except for the fact that it just about burnt my new Ikea kitchen down! I put on the self cleaning feature for the first time and after 3 hours the oven just shut down and a couple of sensors had to be replaced because they were faulty. Upon removing the oven from the wall, we found that the oven had burnt the wall nearest the oven as some insulation around the wall of the oven had not been installed correctly and the heat from the oven was directly blowing on the cupboard wall. I am really reluctant to put the self-cleaning feature on again!

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