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LUFTIG HOO C50 S Exhaust hood


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2 dishwasher-safe grease filters included; easily removable for cleaning.
Can be used in two ways: preset for connection to ductwork for outdoor venting, or used with a charcoal filter for recirculation of air.
2 bulbs included; gives effective light over the cooking surface.

Good to know: 400 CFM, ducted using 6" round ventilation.
7.47 sones.
2-40W light bulbs.
Can be completed with charcoal filter NYTTIG FIL 3.
Wall mounted extractor hood with 3 different speeds.

Series: LUFTIG

Room: Kitchen

Item type: Extractor hoods & filters, Extractor hoods

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Category: Extractor hoods, Extractor hoods & filters, Kitchen, LUFTIG


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