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IKEA 365+ MYSA Duvet


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Three comforters in one. Use together for the warmest comforter or individually for a cooler comforter. Provides year round comfort. Storage bag included.
Filling of 50% easy-care modal absorbs and transports moisture away to keep you dry at night.
Filling of 50% polyester hollow fibers gives the comforter a soft, light feel.
Outer fabric in cotton/lyocell, a blend that breathes, absorbs and transports moisture away to keep you dry at night.

Available sizes: Full/Queen, King, Twin

Outer fabric: 55% lyocell, 45% cotton
Filling material: 50% lyocell, 50% polyester

Care: Machine wash,hot 140°F (60°C).
Do not bleach.
Tumble dry, normal.
Do not iron.
Dryclean, normal cycle.

Good to know: 228 thread count.

Series: IKEA 365

Room: Bedroom

Item type: Comforters, Lyocell & modal comforters

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  1. Mary says:

    I really wanted to like this duvet because by the description it sounds wonderful in concept and I had invested so much in buying one for every member of the house based on that. I’ve had them for a year, so plenty of time to evaluate.
    But in real life, the filling in the duvet bunched up into a few large balls by the second wash (on gentle!)
    The duvet itself is not super warm, more like a mid-season blanket and not for winters in Canada at all.
    The materials that ‘absorb and transport moisture away to keep you dry at night.” actually make the blanket feel very and strangely cold to the touch all of the time. Its hard to get warm at all under it actually.
    On the plus side, I guess it does feel very much like down. And the stitching on my daughters has held up under numerous washes. (but not the filling) For the price, I dont think its worth it. I have had very cheap poly duvets that have the filling intact a year later.

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