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FRAMTID Double oven


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Convection oven function that combines top and bottom heating with the fan for even heating; ideal for baking cookies, tarts and other pastry.
Self-cleaning oven; burns grease and dirt to ashes that are easy to brush off.
3 functions, i.e. all basic functions you will need for daily cooking.
Cooling fan protects appliance from overheating.
Automatic lock on the oven door. The door stays closed during self-cleaning at a high temperature.
2 adjustable wire shelves included. Easily adjusts to suit your storage needs.
TYDA handles match the handle on the oven; mount the handles on your kitchen fronts and create a uniform expression.

Good to know: Self cleaning.
Custom broil; the grilling temperature can be adjusted according to need.
Thermal oven function.
Bake function.
Keep warm function.
Electronic timer.
3 functions.
Capacity: 4.1 cu.ft. each.
Voltage: 220-240V.
2 wire shelves included.
Tray included.


Room: Kitchen

Item type: Ovens

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